The course was excellent, with lots of discussions, examples and useful handouts.

- Support Worker - Headway

Epilepsy Active Training Services - Epilepsy Training and Buccal Midazolam Training UK

Professional Epilepsy Training to improve knowledge, practice and care.

The source for epilepsy training in the UK. Epilepsy Active provides a variety of professional courses, driven by current research and delivered by a dedicated epilepsy specialist. Our courses include Epilepsy and the Administration of Buccal Midazolam.

Courses can be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of your service in addition to ensuring that current guidelines set by the Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC) are duly met.

All courses are delivered by a Registered Nurse who has specialised in Epilepsy since 1997. Professional registration is required to be updated yearly. Knowledge of current research and practice relating to epilepsy is updated by attending high quality conferences and maintaining close contacts with other epilepsy professionals working in the field. For further details, see 'About Us'.

In addition, our trainer is experienced and formally qualified to deliver our courses in an accessible, engaging way that will facilitate delegates to learn and be inspired to deliver the highest quality care.

Full and half-day courses are available, designed to equip delegates with practical skills, current knowledge and a sense of empathy and compassion to enable them to provide safe and dignified care to your clients. Full and half-day courses cover a range of areas including epilepsy training and Buccal Midazolam training. See 'Our Training Courses' for more details.

At Epilepsy Active we are experienced in providing relevant training to a wide spectrum of organisations. Courses are delivered in-house or at a venue of your choice throughout the UK.

Our clients include:

  • Health care professionals
  • Care support staff employed by small care homes and national care organisations
  • Educational environments
  • Local councils
  • Day services
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Respite units and more.

Our training can be applied to any setting that is interested in providing quality care for adults or children with epilepsy.

Contact Us: For advice on training for your organisation or personal needs, call us on 01939 236383 or via our contact form.