Enjoyable and informative day .Julie kept us all interested.

- Support Worker Mencap

Course Feedback

"I have learnt about seizures that I had not seen, and information to gather before a child accesses our service. Information imparted will help to make our role easier and promote safety." Senior Support Worker – Mencap

"Excellent trainer, the classification of seizures backed up with video footage and discussion gave me insight into understanding the individual experiences of people with epilepsy, and helped me to understand the different seizure types." Carer - Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)

"I liked the clear presentation of material, and the opportunity for discussion. The trainer clearly had a lot of experience and was very approachable it helped me to form practical ideas of what to look for - brilliant!" Teacher - Joseph - Priestley College

“Very in-depth, relevant and brilliantly presented, great content with lots of new information and ideas. I enjoyed the workshops and trainer interaction. This will help me support the individuals in the service I run.” Service Manager UBU

“I enjoyed all of this course personally I found it really useful to find out that I am not alone in how I feel.” Support Worker HFT

“I have learnt a lot about epilepsy and the different seizures. This will improve how I see things holistically.” Enabler UBU

“Very helpful and personal training. I felt free to ask questions and all were answered. It was useful to refresh the epilepsy awareness and to know exactly what to look out for. I feel confident in administering medication, precautions and how to handle the emergency.” Support Staff Livability

“Enjoyable and informative day .Julie kept us all interested.” Support Worker Mencap

"I feel that the content and presentation were excellent. I particularly liked that Julie interacted with all participants".  Manager - Livability

"Comprehensive and informed approach, using a mixture of presentation techniques. I feel more empowered to question information and improve my practice." Nurse - Hereward College

“The course was very useful and informative. This was a relevant refresher for me as I refreshed things that I had forgotten which are really important. I found it most useful to refresh how to respond to a challenging situation and the administering of medication.” Support Worker UBU

“Julie answered all the questions and more and helped me to empathise with people who have epilepsy.” Support Worker HFT

“This course helped me to identify the different seizures; it was very relevant to my needs as in-depth knowledge of epilepsy was passed on.” Support Worker HFT

"An excellent course, Julie pitched the information at the correct level, answered questions fully and struck the correct balance between theory and practice. I feel confident in transferring information and skills from the course to the work place." Manager - Stoke–on–Trent CC

"The course was excellent, with lots of discussions, examples and useful handouts." Support Worker - Headway

"Specific and relevant to service users, it was an excellent course with helpful handouts. It is good to have a trainer who is so enthusiastic about the subject matter." Senior Support Worker -Kingwood

"The course was very informative and therefore helpful to build confidence in supporting an individual having a seizure. Julie has a relaxed and friendly approach so you feel able to ask questions when they arise." Senior Support Worker -HFT

"I have learnt about seizures that I had not seen, and information to gather before a child accesses our service. Information imparted will help to make our role easier and promote safety." Manager - Mencap

"Excellent trainer, I gained a good understanding of epilepsy and how to handle seizures with confidence. I liked the use of video footage and discussions as this helps with understanding the subject.” Manager - Taurus Crafts

"Everyone working with students should receive this training; the information given was extremely useful and relevant to the working environment. I now feel more confident if I come across an individual having a seizure. I have gained helpful information regarding students individual care plans and additions to include." Support Staff - Derwen College

"The pace of the course was spot on, information was clear and understandable and my concentration remained throughout the day. I have learnt a great deal about different seizures. I found the practice in rectal diazepam administration very helpful and Julie was very supportive." Senior Support Worker –HFT