Specific and relevant to service users, it was an excellent course with helpful handouts. It is good to have a trainer who is so enthusiastic about the subject matter.

- Senior Support Worker - Kingwood

Buccal Midazolam, Diazepam and Epilepsy Courses

Our Training Courses

We will work closely with you to alter our existing course outlines to better suit your working environments and specific service user groups, so that course information is readily transferable and meaningful to your staff teams. We dovetail in specific information if you provide services for adults or children in any environment.

We understand the learning process so all of our courses are interactive and incorporate a variety of teaching and learning methods. We will ask you about your staff so that we can meet their learning needs appropriately and effectively.

We also recognise that discussion is an integral part of the learning experience and so we actively encourage and promote a safe environment for questioning and information sharing between peers. We will always answer questions fully and use them to guide discussion, allay any misconceptions and find practical solutions as required.

Our training will assist you to meet the Quality Care Commission (CQC) standards. 

We charge on a per course basis, we bring all are own equipment. Course handouts and certificates of attendance are included in the price.

Contact Us: For advice on training for your organisation or personal needs, call us on 01939 236383 or via our contact form. 

Following Training

Our Aims are: that your staff members will:

Recognise and have confidence to support people experiencing different seizure types safely and with dignity.

Appreciate the importance of accurate recording of seizures and good communication with relevant others. All will have been given an explained format so that seizure descriptions will be accurate and beneficial to the people you support.

Have a greater understanding of risk assessment, and assimilate this information to their individual environment and service user group.

All will be able to recognise the emergency situation and act as appropriate.

All will develop an understanding of the theory & practice of administering buccal midazolam, or rectal diazepam and will have participated in the simulated procedure. (If these courses were attended)

Understand and have the knowledge to administer buccal midazolam or rectal diazepam safely according to the individual care plan.

We will enhance their understanding of the psychosocial impact of epilepsy upon the individual and their families thus promoting a more holistic approach and opportunity to offer greater support and reflection on practice.

And Finally:

Training will facilitate best practice guidelines and ensure that all will have the practical skills and knowledge to provide a safe, effective environment for people with epilepsy.